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The 6 Types of Working Genius

Developed by Pat Lencioni and The Table Group, the Working Genius model outlines six essential roles crucial for the success of any project. These roles together create a cohesive system for taking a task from idea to final execution.

By recognizing each of your team members’ unique forms of "genius," teams are better positioned to enhance performance, become more effective, and cultivate a fulfilling work environment.

The fastest and easiest way to maximize your team's productivity and fulfillment.
We help you master and apply the Working Genius with your team.

Meet your guide.

My name is Mark and I'm the founder of Sevens.

My mission is to help teams and individuals create and ship more of their most important work.

One of my favorite ways to do that is by leading teams through Working Genius workshops. Understanding what makes your team members tick, what Geniuses are called for in different contexts, and how to avoid misusing your genius are all part of ensuring your team is effective and collaborating well.

I have been certified by Pat Lencioni's team at The Table Group as a Working Genius consultant and love helping teams work better together by understanding each other's areas of genius and frustration.

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